The 5 Things That Surprised Me Most About Life In Korea

I’ve been living in Korea for a bit more than a year now and I’m kinda sorta getting used to it now.

Before the big move overseas I asked my husband millions of questions and spent hours online researching about the culture and daily life in Korea.

Thanks to the internet mostly I was pretty darn prepared for life in Korea. Like I wasn’t surprised when I came face to face with a squat toilet while having morning sickness, or that showers are sometimes just handheld things connected to the sink. But some things really caught me off gaurd. Can you guess what they are?

MY BIRTH STORY ♡ A Walking Epidural In Korea

My husband was watching TV when I plopped in front of him and asked for a shoulder massage. Taking pity on his 4 days overdue wife, he got right to work.

I didn’t even have time to relax before I felt the dam break.

I awkwardly excused myself and waddled to the bathroom, briefly entertaining the idea that perhaps I had peed myself. Except every couple of shuffles there was another gush. My water had definitely broken.

I changed my pants, donned a massive pad, and made my way back to my unsuspecting husband. I said, I think, maybe, my water broke. Despite trying to will this labor to start for the past week my husband looked absolutely shocked now that it had. Honestly, I kind of was too.

I walked 4 miles earlier that day. By the end of the walk the weak contractions that I’d been having on and off had fizzled out completely. I even told my family for the hundredth time that nothing was happening, another day with no sign of baby. Then after like 30 minutes I had to text back to say, just kidding on the no baby thing, my water just broke!

With no consistent contractions yet I thought it might not be a bad idea to get some sleep. I cuddled up to Rowan. He slept so peacefully, oblivious to how much his life was about to change. Eventually, I gave up on the idea of sleeping and watched 1 Million Dance Studio videos instead.